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Full How to Fix iPad won’t Restore 2020

Hello, according to your description, your phone may have a black screen problem. You can follow the instructions in this page to try to repair. But you need to rule out hardware problems, that is, your screen can display or will have a reaction when you tap it.

You can easily use the Disk utility to repair the startup disk. But, first, you need to boot your Mac into disk utility and follow the instructions to fix it. As your Mac is showing the black screen, you cannot perform a normal shut down. To check whether your peripheral devices are working properly, you must first remove all of them from your Mac. Our Macs are so seamless and convenient that we forget they need the power to operate. Before heading for any complex solution, you should check the following three things.

firmware file corrupt iphone

Further, it retrieves all data types lost in any situation without altering the quality or other attributes of the original file. The powerful recovery tool has a simplified DIY user interface to help you recover any data in three simple steps depicted below. You can recover data from a crashed, non-booting, or inaccessible firmware Mac by following a simple data recovery process.

  • FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery has expertise in getting back your accidentally or permanently deleted files from your iOS device.
  • Then I knew the specific reason, which is the first situation.
  • Sometimes an antivirus program works so well that it ends up blocking the installation of firmware because it may perceive it as unsafe.
  • In this article, you can find how to fix this error happening while attempting restore on your iDevice.

Do not use your device for a long time since extra stress on the battery and other hardware resources of the iOS device may cause the iPhone stuck on Apple logo. Press the Home button and connect the other end of the USB cable to your PC.

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